Shemá and the WYD.

Shemá group

Shemá group

The XXVI World Youth Day has already finished. A success, according to the Holy Father´s words, the pilgrims, the Spanish people and mass media. Now, we each one of us in our lives, we must green the fruit of this WYD and be a light and witness in the world.

Several members of Shemá have been there in Madrid as pilgrims and all of us we have been there with the heart. And in the days before in the dioceses in truth we have given everything. At the parish level we have worked in the parish of Ermitagaña doing workshops, prayers and accompanying Messes, and at a diocesan level, we have worked as Volunteers doing various activities and acting as “group Shemá” in the prayer vigil on Sunday August 14 at the park Antoniutti in Pamplona. It was a hard, hard work and a long preparation time, but it has been a wonderful experience.

We thank all who have trusted in us, especially the Diocese of Pamplona, ​​and ask God for this World Youth Day is one more incentive to give us renewed strength for the future.

Thanks to everyone and a special greeting to pilgrims in Pamplona, ​​who applauded us and who prayed and sung with us in Antoniutti. And a very special welcome to the pilgrims from the parish of Ermitagaña: you shared with us many celebrations and we hope to continue a beautiful friendship in the future, even though  we only meet each others on the internet.

It was a honour and a privilege to work in this wonderful and unique event. A hug in Christ to all of you.



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